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Public Works Utilities

NEW! - This map serves as a tool for land developers to locate City utilities within potential business sites. The map contains water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer (drainage) infrastructure. By providing generalized asset locations, the ability to plan and maintain time-cost efficiency, is available for the developer’s business analysis.

Voting Map

Election Data for the City of Galveston. The purpose of this map is to display voting information for the upcoming elections. This data includes: poll locations, city council districts, and voting precincts. Click on the Early Voting or Election Day symbols for poll locations, addresses, dates, & times.

Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (Eff. Date 08/10/2019)

The purpose of this map is to display the Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map with an Effective Date of 08/15/2019. Information regarding the data can be found in an information (i ) section on the top right corner of the map. Descriptions of the flood zones is in a pre-opened window of the map.

While the floodplain data that is shown on the map is the same, this map is not an official FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM). This Interactive Mapping Tool is not intended for insurance rating purposes and is for information only. The positional accuracy may be compromised in some areas. The map is not 100% accurate in locating your address. Please contact the City's floodplain administrator for more information or to view an official copy of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Public Meeting Cases

The purpose of this map is to display information for upcoming Landmark Commission, Planning Commission, Building Board of Adjustments, and Zoning Board of Adjustment cases. Users can click on the cases for more information. A popup will provide case information and case links to the City of Galveston's Permit Center. To query by commission or board, click on the Query button in the upper right corner, select the commission or board, and click 'Apply'

Galveston Historic Landmarks

Updated Interface - Galveston has a history of commerce, culture, finance, and innovation. The City continues to adopt innovative technology by utilizing GIS to share its story with the world. As steeped in history as Galveston is- & as passionate as Galvestonians are about protecting their heritage- it’s no wonder the city is rich in historical landmarks. Galveston has over 90 and counting! No matter if you’re a virtual visitor from far away or born on the island, the City of Galveston, Texas hopes you will enjoy this story map.

Galveston Zoning

Contains zoning districts, including: residential, commericial, industrial, as well as zone descriptions. Additional layers include the: Historic Districts & Galveston Landmarks..

Capital Improvement Plan

UPDATED - This map series contains CIP project locations and descriptions for fiscal years 2020 through 2024. Projects include: streets, Broadway lighting improvements, water lines/pump-stations/tanks, sewer lines/lift-stations/wastewater-treatment-plants, drainage, park renovations, and beach nourishment. Also included are completed projects from 2016 forward.
Projects are linked to their proposed/adopted CIP documentation.

Code Enforcement Cases

Updated Interface and Symbols
This map displays the City's Code Enforcement Cases within the last 12 months. Data is updated nightly. Users can select and clicked on for cases for additional information. Violations include: notice to vacate, junk vehicle, clean-up, inspection requests, repair requests, garage, graffiti, condemnation, items in the right-of-way, fencings, obsolete signs, potential illegal land use, right-of-way, signage, zoning, illegal feather flag signs, and trees.

Building Permits

Updated Interface and Symbols
This map displays the City's Commercial, Residential, and Right-of-Way permit data issued within the last 12 months. Data is updated nightly. Users can select and view mapped New, Repair/Remodel, Addition, Elevation, and Accessory Structure permits categories.

Island Transit Bus Routes

NEW! - The purpose of this map is to display information about Galveston Island Transit's bus routes, bus stops, and schedules. Users can click on the routes or stops to open a pop-up with more information. The Basemap Gallery button switches between a Street map and an Aerial map. The Query button allows viewing of the bus schedule by route or by bus stop. The Filter button allows viewing of only specific routes or days of service.

Beach Survey

This data can be used to understand the natural processes by which changes occur to the beaches of Galveston Island, and can assist with identifying engineering and planning solutions along the island beachfront. Additionally, this information can assist with characterizing the beach conditions for potential FEMA assistance after storm events.

Community Map

Coming Soon!

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Public Records

To request GIS data, please visit the City Secretary's Office - Public Records page. Find information, view your requests, check archived items, or submit a new request.
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